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The work “Untitled” is created in the form of a series of workshops,

inviting "others"- migrant workers

(Both overseas migrants in Taiwan, Taiwanese with overseas work experience)

to enter the process of exploring co-creation together, which consist of three stages:

1) One-on-one interview (voice recording)

2) Explorative Drama Workshop

(through nonverbal expression, allowing participants to reflect on their life stages and feelings)

*(Imagination Reflection) Participants, write down the answers to two questions on paper anonymously

-How do you think the locals think of you?

-How do you want the locals to think of you?

3) Through the final reflection questions, and the participants personally provided more text descriptions and image photos as references to create two different sets of images, which were then preserved through photography and used in static exhibitions.

It is the seven sets of photos we now see in the exhibition room.

  未命名 , 2021 

尺寸|137 X 318 cm

媒材|數位印刷 等身尺寸 攝影, 成對7 組 

(在臺灣的 海外移工、曾有過海外工作經驗的臺灣人),
進入一同探索的共同創作 過程,分為三個階段:

1) 一對一訪談 (錄音)


(透過非語言的敘事,讓參與者反思自己正 在的生命階段與感受)

                                                                                                                                         •(想像力的反思)  成員們,匿名的在紙上寫下兩個問題的答案 :


                                                                                                   -你希望當地人如何看待你? ,而後向前隨機地唸出一組別人的答案。

3) 形象化的攝影計畫 


打造出兩組不同的造型,而後透過攝影保存,且作為 靜態展覽使用,

也正是我們現在在展場看到的這七組照片。 )


 Untitled -Portrait Catalog, 2021

Dimension l 137cm X 318cm

Medium l Digital Print life-size portraits, *7 


 Here&There, 2022

Dimension l 50cm X 50cm X 15cm

Medium l wooden box installation, with convex/concave mirror

Being both here and there, one does not belong entirely here and not entirely there.

During the frequent shuttle, people start to feel a loss of belonging for both sides.

How to posit and reflect one's appearance correctly that an individual feels should have been?

  這裡&那裡 , 2022

尺寸|50 X 50 X 15 cm

媒材|木箱裝置,與凸面鏡/凹面鏡 ,各一   


 Untitled (Speaking of...), 2022
 audio 33'13"

 未命名 ( 說到...), 2022


This project was made possible with the support of

Taipei Artist Village - "2021 Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity Residency Programme"

此計畫榮獲 台北國際藝術村「2021 文化平權駐村計畫」得以完成


Scan the QRcode to discover more about the project during residency 

掃描二維碼  閱讀更多駐村計畫的細節

Click on the link for residency programme's interview (English subtitle available)

點擊連結 觀看計畫訪談 (中英字幕支援)

"Coliving in This World , 2021"
— 2021 Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity Residency Programme Residency Artist Exhibition Season 3
  (Exhibition- Taipei- Taiwan)

Exhibition Text
_written by collaborated Curator- Miss. Bench


Co-living in This World (English)

Người Sống Chung (Vietnamese)

Hidup Bersama di Dunia Ini  (Indonesian)

Kasamang Pamumuhay Sa Mundong Lto (Filipino; Tagalog)

_ Translated and edited by : Ken Nguyễn, Amini, Rose Ann A. Concepcion, Elliot Gibbons

"Welcome to Our      Place , 2022"
— Cultural Diversity and Inclusivity Group Show II
  (Exhibition- Taipei- Taiwan)

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