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EN ROUTE, 2023
M&S Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow, Scotland

16 September – 17 September
Preview 15 September 2023, 6-9 pm

    Throughout the annals of human history, the enduring theme of 'migration' has woven its intricate narrative. Over the past four decades, marked by the relentless tide of globalization, the expatriate and immigrant community has burgeoned into a global phenomenon.
While scholarly endeavors have predominantly focused on the 'why' behind human migration, a less- explored terrain emerges

—'what unfolds after the journey?'
This enigmatic chapter invites contemplation:

Can individuals successfully assimilate into their newfound societal milieu?
Will their novel surroundings embrace their unique contributions?
How does one embark on the odyssey of forging a new life and identity, particularly in the absence of preexisting connections?

   In 2000, American artist Sarah Pierce relocated from New York, USA, to Dublin, Ireland. Shortly after her move, she initiated the "Affinity Archive," a collaborative endeavor where Pierce invited her creative friends to contribute items or documentation related to their work, encompassing writings, artworks, and personal anecdotes. Pierce envisioned this as a collective effort, enabling others to share and contribute, collectively building the Affinity Archive. The project aspires to create a shared repository capturing the diverse facets of cultural work while nurturing connections among contributors.

    Kindled by the luminous embers of the 'Affinity Archive' concept, Kengwu Yerlikaya presents "En route 2023" at M&S Sauchiehall Street. Yerlikaya's latest work delves into his own transnational life experiences, particularly his relocation to Glasgow, Scotland, post-pandemic. Reflecting on his struggle to assimilate into the new city, he turned to online connections with old creative contacts.

Within the 'En route 2023' exhibition, Yerlikaya invited friends from around the world to contribute to his project. Woven together with the intricate tapestry of advanced AI technology, forges a surreal realm—a fictional parallel universe. In this ephemeral domain, he reunites with a community that exists only in the realm of imagination, offering a poignant response to the labyrinthine journey of becoming a new migrant in a foreign land.



This project was made achievable through the invaluable support and collaboration of my exceptionally talented creator friends from around the world.
These remarkable individuals include:

Mike, Yu'an, Adam, Diego, Gill, Bone, George, Joe, Amelia, Cheng, Sy-Yu, Lei, Jack, Yang, Hunt, Yaoer, Nicko, Noa, Aaliyah, JD Roony, Han, Andy, Aush, and Elliot.

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  En Route , 2023
  M&S Sauchiehall Street (Outer space studio)
  Glasgow; Scotland

The Exhibition is part of the
"OuterSpaces" Glasgow annaul studio open day

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