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Erstwhile Land_ Kengwu Yerlikaya

"Then, another bland dream, fallen into one other insignificant failure. 

Down into the dimmest past, awaiting to be comforted and forgotten by our own efforts in the midnight." 

  After nearly a year since the conclusion of the

"Home Land Is Land - Retrospective Tour of the Failure Artist,"

we have yet to receive any updates from the artist. We wonder about the current whereabouts and occupation of the man who never quite became an artist. Has he reconciled with his lost dream? Is he drifting somewhere across continents, or settled in a city? 

In September 2022, in the online exhibition room of TAIWAN ANNUAL, we invited Kengwu Yerlikaya who a year ago,

in October 2021, held a retrospective tour at Yao Alternative Space---

 Chapter 2: "Between the Two" ( exhibition/betweenthetwo),

The namely failure artist, to come and look back with us on his journey around the island of Taiwan.

The dust will eventually settle, but do you maybe still not know where home is?

This time, Yao would like to invite the audience to step into the virtual exhibition space together. In this desolate exhibition space, wandering freely in artist’s reflections, emotions, repentance, detours or even that smilingly new step.

往昔之地_  (林耕舞)


“而後,又一次的另一個平淡無奇的夢,跌入再一個渺小的失敗。 墜入那深不見底的往昔, 等著在我們的午夜夢迴間,去被自己奮力的寬慰與遺忘。” 




2022年9月,在台灣當代一年展的線上展間,我們邀請了一年前,2021年10月曾在 窯座,實體舉辦了環島回顧巡展,第二章: 「兩者之間」的失敗藝術家,來與我們在一年後,一同回看他當時的 這段線上、北、中、南環島旅程。


沒有真正成為藝術家的他,他還好嗎? 他現在從事著什麼職業? 居住在那個城市? 又或著,飄移在那個國界? 是否和自己失落的夢,和解了?





  往昔之地  Erstwhile Land , 2022
   online virtual exhibition



"Hometown's Sea", 2022
 single-channel video, 5:00

"(foreign)Hometown's Sea", 2022
 single-channel video, 5:00

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