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"All the works here are dedicated to pupils at Dunraven, Corpus Christi, St. Thomas, Conway Primary School and Stepping Stones, One world Nursery.

All of the students whom I have ever taught over the past two years. Whom is currently too young to be told these information. Whom I felt deep guilt."

"这里的所有作品都献给 Dunraven、Corpus Christi、St. Thomas、Conway Primary School 和 Stepping Stones, One world Nursery 的学生們。

那些过去两年,我所教过的所有学生。那些目前还尚太年轻,不合宜被告知這些信息。 我对其深感愧疚。"


  敬启者  To Whom It May Concern , 2019
  5 pages written letter :


First Lesson, 2019
School Trip, 2019
Chanting and Singing, 2019
After School Club, 2019

 Lesson's Plan, 2019
 digital-print collage in frame, *4


“ Mandarin teaching is in demand”,  2018-

                “普通话教学 正在崛起”,2018-

    Mandarin lesson is now part of the curriculum for all pupil from year 3-6 at Conway Primary School,

It is not even an optional second language class. When I first stepped into the school, I was shocked.  

Different from the private Catholic school in West London I taught before, Conway is just an ordinary public school for the local community located in East London.


None of the pupils seems interested in Mandarin; it is far from their daily life, even far away from Europe.

The current society decides that being close to China will be the solution to post-Brexit, which is the only reason they "need" to learn it.


They often asked me, am I from China? I reply: not only people from China speak Mandarin.

I tried my best to keep the lesson fun and energetic, I wanted them to enjoy the lesson, but deep down, I didn't want them to like the Mandarin language itself; I was wary because I worried about I am luring those kids growing up and wanting to travel to China one day.


  But by then, no one ever gets a chance to explain to them that they need to be careful, 

because they might get arrested just because of their religion, sexuality, or something they post on social media that offended the authority. 

   What will the future be like for them? 5 years, 10 years? Am I doing the right thing for them?

  普通话课,现在是英国伦敦 康威小学 3-6 年级的所有学生课程的一部分,它甚至不是可选择的第二语言课程。

当我第一次踏入学校时,我很震惊,区别于其他我以前教过的,在西伦敦 私立天主教小学。康威小学位于东伦敦当地社区的一所普通公立学校。





学生们经常问: 你来自中国吗?我回答:不仅中国人才会说普通话。





他们的未来会是什么样子? 5年,10年?我正在为他们做正确的事吗?

 Teaching Templet, 2022
  A4-printed, lesson's handout, *2


I'm glad to announce..., 2019
single-channel video, 07:35
(Subtitle Available |   漢語字幕 )

The faith will help, 2019
single-channel video, 11:04
(Subtitle Available |   漢語字幕 )

"Is this the future we promise for?" , 2019
  (Exhibition- London- U.K)

"Think of the Children", 2019
Mockumentary, single-channel video, 2:24:20

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