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[We are not here shouting for nothing; 
it is just the darkest moment before dawn.]

  From 6pm to 7pm in the evening, facing the Chinese Embassy
in the UK. With trembling, weak shouts, family-based reunions, protests of about 30 people are taking place.


  They are ethnic minority groups in the northwest of China, Uighur people, they are facing the most serious human rights violations and ethnic massacres after the Second World War since Nazi first appear. 

  According to media reports from various countries in the world, and about the disclosure, about five million Uighur people are being caught by the Chinese government and imprisoned in the camp called "re-education camp" by the government. Concentration camps, where, the Uighur people who are Islamic believers are forced to eat pork, drink alcoholic beverages, dye their hair black, and women are forced to take off their headscarves. 

  All people are forced to read brainwashing "patriotic education". Everything is attend to make them more "Chinese", and the Chinese government claims that all this is to prevent dangerous "Islamic terrorist aggression."


(BBC, 2019)

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