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 Gatekeeper Magazine: Issue 02 'Indispensable"

   Gatekeeper Magazine

   was formed in 2020 by Artist Lucy Alves and Journalist Natascha Ng. Launching a magazine during the start of a global pandemic was no easy feat but we found it so encouraging how generous and helpful so many people were in kickstarting this project. We would like to thank everyone who has gotten on board with Gatekeeper, from voluntary submissions in our first issue to each follower that makes up our amazing readership and support base.

  All additional money we make circulates directly back into projects within Gatekeeper and helps build a sustainable future for the company.


   KUA (crossing‑beyond)  

   is a 6 part cross‑medium publication investigating the human condition through the lens of transnational experiences.

  Each issue starts with a fictional story serving as an exhibition text, followed by a body of curated materials across digital and physical platforms. The project seeks to form a language that elevates the discussions of our post-global experience and to generate connectivity that welcomes an imaginative future.

  The first publication titled Re-Integration, is calling for real life stories that explore the feeling of estrangement with one’s first culture while dealing with parallel identities.

  First issue was released in May 2022, is funded by Asymmetry Art Foundation and co-produced with Chisenhale Gallery and Delfina Foundation. The project is a curatorial output of Yu’an Huang in collaboration with creatives with cross-cultural backgrounds.s.





























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