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  In the artwork "With Humility that Came from the Forest" created in 2022, I collaborated with my father to produce an artistic representation using a common horticultural technique known as "grafting". We grafted a Chinese elm onto a native North American species, Leucothoe axillaris, and captured it through photography. Afterwards, my father created a pen and ink drawing by reinterpreting the photograph.

  We both acknowledged that we have different areas of knowledge and skill sets, and there are limitations to completely learning each other's expertise. Nevertheless, we wanted to bridge the generational gap and cultivate a sense of cooperation.

By incorporating the technique of grafting, we aimed to symbolize the possibility of two disparate entities coming together in harmony, and creating something new and unique. The process of collaboration and communication was crucial in the creation of this artwork.

  Overall, our intention was to convey the importance of humility and cooperation in breaking down barriers and fostering understanding between generations.

 林來順 (生於1958年),是一位企業家、商人,宜蘭農家子弟,大學時期來到台北求學,他告訴我當年沒有那麼多選擇,念工學院將來才能有更多的就業機會,但隨著時代變遷,台灣的經濟經歷轉型,最終他靠著從商,才得以在台北深耕。他是我的父親,然而和在外社會角色、形象不同的是,記憶以來,他花週末的下午在書桌前練書法字、睡前在床頭閱讀文學,藝術才是他的摯愛。




在“與林來順,2022”中,我邀請父親去共同創作,透過用園藝中,常用的“嫁接”的手法,創造一種藝術上的想像,我首先將中國榆樹,嫁接上了北美州原生種的- 紅葉木藜蘆,並嘗試在呈現上,試圖從攝影作品的基礎上,融入父親對於它重新詮釋後,畫下的筆墨。





  與林來順, 2022
  with Humility that came from Forest, 2022
  ink,  photography, mixed media

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